October 2, 2023

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Is there a connection between ultrasound technology & the arthritis epidemic we are seeing today?



The number of people suffering from arthritis has hit “epidemic” proportions but is still not taken seriously. What is the connection between ultrasound technology & the arthritis epidemic we are seeing today?
Jim West
Jim West, Noted researcher of ultrasound disease causation.
An argument — could be made that prenatal ultrasound induces permanent vulnerabilities, thereby contributing to the rising incidence of arthritis in young adults.

The official consensus finds prenatal ultrasound harmless… however, this omits most studies since 1987.

The official consensus contradicts the earlier consensus by the World Health Organization (WHO), where routine ultrasound was determined to be high risk.

Most modern studies find damage with even low intensity ultrasound, e.g., DNA fragmentation, immune system dysfunction, and an increase in cell membrane permeability. Ref: A New Bibliography

Example from JZhang (2002), at much lower intensity than standard prenatal ultrasound:


Ultrasound research scientist, Doreen Liebeskind of Columbia University (deceased), describes this as heritable damage through generations.

Thus an underlying vulnerability to disease in general, is established by ultrasound radiation in the womb. This enhances any subsequent poisoning from pharmaceuticals, vaccines, antibiotics, exhaust, etc, as a synergist.

It is generally agreed that vaccines and antibiotics (while low risk) could be a substantial risk to persons with underlying vulnerabilities — and ultrasound creates those vulnerabilities.

In 1991, the FDA increased allowable prenatal ultrasound machine intensities 8 to 15-fold. This fits the time-line for a wide variety of epidemics in young people.

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