“KICK IN THE GUTS” Victoria erupts as lockdown continues despite virus average dropping below 5


Victorians have lashed out at the Premier Daniel Andrews after he announced today Melbourne would see no easing of restrictions despite reaching its virus target.

Victorians took to Twitter to call the Premier’s decision to withhold the announcements a “huge kick in the guts” and “beyond a joke”.

Metropolitan Melbourne had been hopeful of further easing of restrictions on hospitality and retail, after the city’s rolling 14-day average number of virus cases fell to below five today.

But today the Premier dashed those hopes of easing restrictions, saying the government would delay any announcements, pending more test results related to an outbreak in the northern suburbs.

He said further rollbacks will not be announced until Tuesday at the earliest.

“No changes to metro restrictions. This is a huge kick in the guts after constant talk of significant announcements on Sunday. This bloody never-ending year,” 10 News reporter Emma O’Sullivan said on Twitter.

“This is beyond a joke,” 7 News journalist Joel Crean wrote on Twitter.

“On Sunday we were told 2 Nov. Wednesday we were told that would be brought forward, announced Sunday. Today the carrot is dangled again. WE ARE DONE @DanielAndrewsMP … ENOUGH!”

Source: https://www.news.com.au/national/victoria/news/victoria-erupts-as-lockdown-continues-despite-virus-average-dropping-below-5/news-story/73f16f805c4cf25df88e9ab797d404f3


One thought on ““KICK IN THE GUTS” Victoria erupts as lockdown continues despite virus average dropping below 5

  1. There is no reason to continue lockdowns of the Victorian People.
    There are reasons because this CoVid scare was designed to perpetuate and our Governments are there to ensure that this happens. All our Governments are supporting this planned Pandemic.
    It is reasonable to ask why any Government would destroy it’s economy for a flu virus. The suffering of its people is starting to manifest by not obeying the Laws of Government and that, surely, should concern these people who have obeyed overseas interests to cripple our economy and force on the people draconian laws that have little to do with a virus but mostly to do with the international Bankers and powerful elite.
    There is a solution and that is for the entire voting public of Australia to simply not vote for any party namely Liberals/Nationals, labour, Greens.
    Unfortunately, I cannot see this happening but it would most certainly cause some indigestion in Canberra and inform these parasites that they are there to serve the people!

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