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United Nations Flag Raised Over Sydney Harbour


Sydneysiders have expressed their disapproval after the United Nations flag was flown over Sydney Harbour on Saturday.

The city’s iconic bridge raised the flag to celebrate United Nations Day and mark the 75th anniversary since the intergovernmental organization was created on October 24, 1945.

At the time of its formation, Australia was one of the 51 founding members that ratified the UN Charter.

According to the Parliament of Australia, Australia has been a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council five times and currently holds a non-permanent position on the UN Human Rights Council. In September 2015 the Turnbull Government announced Australia’s candidacy to serve on the UN Security Council in 2029–30.

Australia is currently the eighth highest contributor to the UN. Last year, Australia’s net contribution to the UN’s regular budget was assessed as US$61,619,804.

2 thoughts on “United Nations Flag Raised Over Sydney Harbour

  1. Almost 62 million dollars of Australian taxpayers money paid to this useless organisation committed to advancing a New World Order; controlled by Corporate Communism.
    We do not need a United nations that harbours teams of non-elected by the people parasites who do little to advance peace and prosperity in our world.
    A useless waste of money that could be well spent in Australia.
    Our Politicians are working against us and do not serve the people only themselves.
    We witness this in the Co-Vid plandemic where they have caused our debt to rise another trillion dollars for a media promoted virus that is less dangerous than the normal flu.
    Our sick Governments have destroyed our economy along with the wealth of people yet donate 62 million to the most useless criminal organisation ever formed. Are we listening?

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