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Minister Hunts Response To Serious Gardasil Injury.

Greg Hunt MP, Federal Member for Flinders / Minister for Health


Michelle Stubbs The Federal Minister for Healths response to serious Gardasil injury…
In March of this year I wrote to Minister Hunt wanting to open up a dialogue about Gardasil seriously injuring my daughter. I also asked him to direct me to Australian government data on the number of people that HAVE been injured by a vaccine. I outlined the many places where I had unsuccessfully attempted to locate this information. I also specifically mentioned that I was not referring to the DAEN, which is just a list of suspected vaccine injuries.

In April I received a response from the Commonwealth Department of Health. Minister Hunt asked them to respond on his behalf. The response did not mention Gardasil seriously injuring my daughter. The response did not mention data on Australians that HAVE been injured by a vaccine. I received fluffy vaccine propaganda and was directed to NCIRS if I needed more info. I had already contacted NCIRS looking for the data, they didn’t have it, and I made this clear in my initial correspondence. I called the Ministers office to complain about the response, I was told to email again, then they hung up on me.
I emailed the Health Minister again in April asking about data on the number of Australians injured by a vaccine.

I also asked what support might be available to my daughter, why Australia does not have a vaccine injury compensation scheme, and what I have to do to have what happened to my daughter acknowledged.
I called the Health Ministers office after waiting a month to check on the response, his staff hung up on me.

I received a response in June that again made no attempt to answer any of my questions and again did not reference my Gardasil injured daughter. I called the Health Ministers office to complain, as this was getting ridiculous, again they told me to email again and hung up on me.
I got discouraged here. Initially told myself to give it up as it was only causing me stress. But, couldn’t let it go, so emailed the Health Ministers office again at the beginning of August. I outlined all of the previous hardships in trying to have correspondence appropriately responded to and included reference numbers and dates.

I called the Health Ministers office this morning to check on the response and they told me they had not received my email. Every other email to that address had been received but not that one. I sent it through again then called them back to make sure they had received it.
The Health Ministers office then informed me that no further correspondence from me would be answered either by the Health Ministers office or the Commonwealth Department of Health, then they hung up on me.

I have previously been a politician and worked for politicians, I know how the Health Ministers office should be treating me, and it is nothing like this.
Don’t know what to do next and this has really upset me.


5 thoughts on “Minister Hunts Response To Serious Gardasil Injury.

  1. 1: “they hung up on me”
    2: “his staff hung up on me”
    3: “then they hung up on me”

    We are talking about Greg Hunt MP – his staffers told you – in no uncertain terms – to piss off & hung up on you – yes.

    Gosh ….. !

    What to do ?
    What to do ?
    Have a good bitch & moan – abroad.
    The internet is full of listeners.

  2. The world tends not to know that we are here.
    And we tend to keep to ourselves.

    a) we are shy
    b) we are too busy
    c) if we tell your story we then have to listen to theirs … boring
    d) we don’t give a stuff

    Did you know that in the USA there are Grandmothers who protest & in the streets.
    Did you know that there are Jewish people who actively – & in the streets of USA –
    protest Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestine.

    You are not alone in your quest – go make some global friends – maybe they could also write to Greg Hunt MP with you – united we stand.

  3. Greece – when SYRIZA first took office & we all hoped for the best.
    Then we watched as Alex Tsiptas & Yanis Varoufakis slid into the pit.
    I read & read & wrote – “you think your’s are the only politicians like this” & I told them all about our mottle crew – of self serving – lethargic – shirkers.
    It helps us to know that we are all in the same boat.

  4. Start a social media storm. Start a petition. Start an AVAAZ petition. I was vax injured and the doc wouldn’t even see me – sent his nursing assistant out to tell me ‘It wasn’t the vax, ‘just’ a virus or something’. Strange virus, strange science, stranger patient care aka incompetent mind kontrolled doctor practicing Rockefeller Medicine (check it out – Eustace Mullins and G. Edward Griffith) + indignant nursing assistant who has to pay the rent, and sick patient left to fend for themself. Sound familiar? Forget Hunt as a frontline go to, go to the public and he can respond publicly to his lack of duty of care. Hunt, like every party affiliate, is a mouthpiece sockpuppet with attitude and power propogating a directed agenda – that’s what party politics is. If Hunt ‘turned around’ and did the right thing off the bat, it would cause him too much cognitive dissonance.

    1. Hi Kerri……. your references are what all people should read.
      However, you are far too kind to our Mr Hunt…… cognitive resonance?
      Hunt does not have two contradictory beliefs he has what George Orwell described as ‘double think’….. two sets of moral standards and comfortable with both…. take care, Garth.

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