September 29, 2023

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MINISTERIAL BRIEFING PAPER NO 8 To New Australian Health Minister Greg Hunt


MINISTERIAL BRIEFING PAPER NO 8 to new Australian Health Minister Greg Hunt – CDC says give MMR BOOSTER in the US up to 72 months BUT YOU GREG SAY 18 MONTHS FOR AUSSIE KIDS- where is your Department’s proven science? PLEASE MANDATE NHMRC TO APPLY ITS OWN MANDATORY GUIDELINES TO VACCINATION SCIENCE- why censor your department’s own mandatory science standards for our pregnant women, one-day old babies and children.

Q1. WHY has your National Health and Medical Research Council dramatically departed from the MMR recommendations of the CDC by reducing the Second MMR booster from the 48 to 72 month recommended CDC time period to only 18 months!!!! ( see…/downloads/vacsafe-mmr-color-office.pdf)

Q2 WHY does your NHMRC, Australia’s peak medical health body state ” The Handbook’s clinical recommendations are based on the best scientific evidence available at the time of publication from published and unpublished literature. Where specific empiric evidence was unavailable, recommendations were formulated using the best available expert opinion relevant to Australia.” (…/publishing.nsf/Content/… )

Q3 WHICH best available expert opinion relevant to Australia was used in order to dramatically bring forward the booster administration of the controversial MMR vaccine compared to CDC best practice guidelines?

Q4 DO you personally know if any of these experts you rely upon to protect Australian children have any conflicts of interest with the pharmaceutical industry?

Q5 WHY do you condone the NHMRC approving these guidelines without reference to their own MANDATORY GUIDELINES requirements which apply to all other medical recommendations in Australia, which include the need for the formal GRADE levels of evidence and evidence tables. (…/cp133-and-cp133a )

Q6 DO you accept personal liability for any damage done to the public health of our children for presiding over the daily injection of substances not in accordance with CDC best practice.

Q7 WILL you consent to receive an email link to the corruption movie “Vaxxed” which dissects the fraudulent cover up by the top CDC scientists of the scientific data linking the MMR to autism, and in particular, A HIGHER RISK OF AUTISM THE EARLIER THE MMR IS ADMINISTERED. The Vaxxed movie also covers the US congress cover up of whistleblower Dr William Thompson, the CDC’s main scientist, who made admissions of his guilt in this corruption in 2014, and supplied over 10,000 documents to Congressman Possey, which remain ignored by the US Congress and the CDC.

Q8 Do you agree the NHMRC applied its MANDATORY GUIDELINES in its review of 17 Natural Therapies in 2015 finding all 17 natural professions lacked clinical efficacy? (…/Natural%20Therapies%20Overview%2… )

Q9 Do you agree the NHMRC applied its MANDATORY GUIDELINES in its review of the homeopathy profession in 2015 – (…/att…/cam02a_information_paper.pdf)

Q10 WILL you agree to meet a small delegation of mothers affected by Australia’s departure from CDC best practice?
Graeme Little Ne Peter Pope
(61) 0 402 904749
[email protected]…/downloads/vacsafe-mmr-color-office.pdf

1 thought on “MINISTERIAL BRIEFING PAPER NO 8 To New Australian Health Minister Greg Hunt

  1. Is it true that Australia has a massive OVERSUPPLY of DOCTORS ?

    Is the Australian government aware of the fact that there is a massive oversupply of doctors in Australia.

    Is it true that the cost of an OVERSUPPLY of DOCTORS to the Australian Health Care Budget is PROHIBITIVE.

    Who’s oversight was it to allow so many doctors to be brought into existence .. to cause a massive burden on the healthcare budget.

    And yet the country doctor is almost nonexistent in Australia .. they seem to all be a bunch of over paid .. could care less .. city slickers.

    A study needs to urgently be done into the doctor per patient ratio in Australia
    And a solution needs to be found to the reluctance of doctors to accept any job when it is offered to them & including the job of a country doctor.

    While everyone in Australia is on the knifes edge regarding the viability of their job .. & this includes ABC staff .. it seems that the humble & highly paid doctor is in massive over abundance & over paid for the little work they actually do.

    Money does not grow on trees in Australia .. we cannot afford this expensive over sight.

    Great Article thank you.

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