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NSW will extend SOE powers until March 2023 including masks, lockdowns and curfews

These sick demons must be stopped and brought to justice and the people must rise up now!!!


The controversial powers used to enforce mask mandates, lockdowns and curfews in NSW look set to be extended until 2023 after Cabinet approved a plan to lock them in for an additional 17 months.

The Perrottet Government will extend the use of COVID-19 emergency powers until March 2023 after the New South Wales Health Minister pushed the proposal through Cabinet on Monday.

Cabinet approved Brad Hazzard’s proposal on Monday night which has led to backlash from some Coalition MPs, according to The Australian.

Mr Hazzard’s proposal to extend the powers comes off the back of a recommendation from Chief Health Officer Kerry Chant.

Under the state of emergency powers, the Health Minister has jurisdiction to declare Public Health Orders including restriction of movement, mask mandates, curfews and lockdowns.

The Australian has reported the Health Minister took the proposal to a party room meeting on Tuesday where multiple MPs challenged the necessity for the powers to be extended until March 2023.


1 thought on “NSW will extend SOE powers until March 2023 including masks, lockdowns and curfews

  1. It is well known that the PCR tests give false positives; the CDC in the US will discontinue using this test later this year for this very reason.
    Yet our overpaid and cerebral crippled NSW bureaucrats and Political folk will persevere with this useless technology to run riot over our freedoms and rights as people by declaring a ‘State of Emergency’
    Our Cowardly Prime Minister has the authority to override this draconian attempt to lock down and deny people. Because he is a coward, this maggot will, behind the scenes, promote this attack on the people to, hopefully, not effect his low ratings. A sign of a coward in full bloom.
    Our courts will not tolerate Constitutional or Common Law thanks to Gough Whitlam so we have a problem with this attempt to control us.
    The only light in the CoVid tunnel is the next Federal Elections where we do have the power to push this tri-op of Liberal/Labour and Greens to extinction forever. It is our last chance to make change and if we don’t take this with both hands our progeny will despise us for a sad fate bestowed upon them.

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