Russell Broadbent MP – Vaccination Passports – Your View

You may have heard that international airlines will roll out digital health passes – otherwise known as a vaccine passport when international flights resume.

While private companies are entitled to make whatever decisions they like regarding vaccine passports, I have to say, I feel uncomfortable about the use of vaccine passports being made mandatory for domestic travel.

Over the past few months I’ve received passionate emails and calls from many constituents pleading with me to vote against the introduction of vaccine passports. But equally, I know many people are supportive of the idea.

Any decisions about vaccine passports need to be carefully considered and I want to better understand the perspectives of the people I represent.

So today, I invite you to respond to this video and share your views with me. In fact, feel free to forward this video to your family, friends and colleagues located in the Monash electorate and encourage them to let me know about their views as well.

Russell Broadbent MP
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4 thoughts on “Russell Broadbent MP – Vaccination Passports – Your View

  1. He is a Liberal I don’t trust any politicians from LP and Labor there is no difference between the 2 and the rest of the smaller parties have their own agenda.
    Russell Broadbent he might listen or not but he is a Liberal not an independent MP.

    1. I agree, I would not normally post anything like this but Australia is in such deep trouble I feel like I will take whatever I can get. We have a nation asleep and this COVID tyranny is now out of control so because the people won’t stand up against tyrants maybe we have to go the long way round.

  2. Russell is in political mode; this false virus pandemic orchestrated and promoted by the Mainstream Media is now a moral issue not a political one.
    If Russ had some spine between his shoulders he would, morally, not support a vaccine passport but the stench of politics is pervasive and addictive; count Russ out as just another LP addict!

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