The incident, which happened in the Fittja area of Stockholm last summer, involved up to 20 men but only five were identified and charged.

According to the 30-year-old victim, the migrants “discussed who would get to use me first” before pulling her up to the second floor of a stairwell. “Many stood waiting for their turn,” she added.

The migrants allegedly smashed the woman’s head against the staircase, knocking her unconscious, as well as threatening her with a knife. The entire incident was caught on surveillance cameras.

After the brutal ordeal, the woman tried to flag down numerous locals for help but was ignored each time.

The five men were all acquitted by the Södertörn District Court earlier today on the basis that the woman had sex with them voluntarily.

Despite the court acknowledging that the victim had sustained injuries, because “the origin of or reason for them could not be established,” they were not admissible as evidence of violent rape.

Despite reports that the men had filmed the incident on their cellphones and were seen laughing throughout, the court dismissed this because “videos of the incident were not found.” Presumably, the notion that the perpetrators simply deleted the videos was not considered.

The alleged victim’s lawyer Elisabeth Massi Fritz expressed her shock at the verdict, calling it “an embarrassment for our legal system”.

“No perpetrators should escape such a cruel and ruthless gang rape. This is the worst gang rape I have worked on in 26 years,” said Fritz, adding that she does not believe her client was given a fair trial because the woman had narcotics in her system at the time of the incident and was seeking to buy drugs.

Fritz says she will appeal the ruling, vowing, “We will never give up.”

As we previously reported, Sweden’s migrant ghettos are now so dangerous that police are installing microphones to pick up the sound of women screaming.

While the mainstream media has embarked on a disinformation campaign to downplay the severity of sexual assaults since Sweden began accepting more Muslim migrants in 2015, rapes have increased by 14% since last year. A recent poll also found that half of young women in the country felt insecure walking the streets.

Sexual assaults on women at music festivals in Sweden have also risen by 1000%, with feminists and organizers responding by proposing that all men be banned from such events.

While sexual assaults and rapes of women are spiraling out of control, the Swedish government is busy publishing reports that say putting the word “refugees” in quotation marks is “hate” and that questioning the age of child migrants is also a form of extremism.

Source: https://www.infowars.com/sweden-migrants-charged-with-ruthless-gang-rape-of-woman-walk-free/


  1. Stockholms Universite:
    Nordic Criminal Statistics 1050-2010
    In a joint Nordic project, criminal statistics from Denmark Finland Norway & Sweden were compiled …….

    Rape page 38
    Graph page 41 shows that Sweden has a very high rate of rape.
    Is it safe to assume that Sweden tolerated RAPE the of women ?
    That Swedes see RAPE of women as normal ?
    Maybe understandable ?
    Perhaps Sweden believes that RAPE of a woman is a man’s right ?
    This deviant mindset seems to be entrenched in the minds of Swedish men.
    They RAPE their women & do not mind if other men also rape their women.
    What a lovely state of affairs this is.
    All this while we have been led to believe that Europe is a mecca for progressive living.
    When it reality they are as primitive as BABOONS.
    RAPE is also considered to be chic in France.

    1. The people of Europe live in the past – they are not very bright – & in fact – their world resemble’s moth eaten cloth.
      SEPTIC – is a good word here.

    1. Yes they were Jagg
      The perpetrators were migrants

      But Jagg : what descent human being would .. let’s see what they court did ..
      Despite the horrendous brutality inflicted upon the rape victim:
      The court did everything to thwart the seriousness of the charges.
      What descent human being would do that Jagg:


      What’s more the “disinformation” as you claimit to be .. I put up is true.
      RAPE has been & is still tolerated in SWEDEN.
      They have a massive problem over there … massive.
      That you find this hard to believe is amazing .. but each to his own.
      I will go seek out some more proof for you man.

  2. Swedish Rapists Enjoy Impunity. 28 April 2009.

    Amnesty International Report – September 2008 – Case Closed – examines issues surrounding rape & human rights issues in Sweden, Norway, Denmark & Finland.

    Despite Sweden’s considerable emphasis on women’s rights, currently ranking an impressive 3rd place in the UN global gender-related development index, instance of reported violence against women shows no signs of abating.

    In fact, statistics published by the National Council of Crime Prevention (BRA) show that the number of sexual offences reported from January to August 2008 saw a 9% increase …..

    Case Closed: highlights the damning evidence that despite the number of rapes reported to police quadrupling – OVER THE PAST 20 YEARS – the percentage of rapes ending in conviction is marked lower today than in 1965.

    Sweden’s profile against violence against women has also attracted concern from the United Nations.

    “police investigators assume that women who report rape are lying or mistaken”
    Women who consumed alcohol are said to Be Asking For It.

  3. 14% increase since last year so what about last year?
    Let’s assume it is another 14% increase but allowing for Government preferences and distortions to suit their agenda we could be looking at around some 35-40 % increase over two years.
    This is massive and the bone of contention is the huge increase in Muslim/Islamic immigration.
    It has happening in Germany, in England, other European States and the stats are climbing in Australia who, also, have allowed these Islamic muslims to immigrate. Our present PM, Turnbull, wants to import millions more as his contribution to destroying white culture in Australia. Mal is a Jew and that explains all!
    Why don’t the Arabs and Jews stay in their own paddocks…… they have been slaughtering each other for centuries so keep it in their own backyard and leave us alone!
    I suggest that people should open their minds and go study the history of the, so called, Islamic prophet titled “Muhammad”.
    You wouldn’t want to invite this kind home on Sunday for tea and scones!

    1. Has any Muslim or Christian city or state in the Middle East ever expelled the jews?
      European cities and states have hundreds of times, hence, never forgive, never forget, never enough.

      1. From Irish Savant’s:
        awakened20 December 2017 at 22:56
        The Jews are not nearly so clever as many seem to think. They dig their own pit and fall into it without being pushed. And when they are in it, they shriek for help from the same people for whom they dug the pit. And, when they are rescued, they begin immediately to dig another. Figuratively using a shovel, of course.
        Donald Day Onward Christian Soldiers (1942)

        1. As I raised the Hungarians, this is relative to Australia today;
          Hungarian story time! Count Albert Wass is a popular, controversial patriotic Hungarian author whose books were banned during communism but are now finding a revival in the present.
          Rats’ Conquest: A Fable for Young Hungarians

  4. I would encourage Australians to look at the increase in the rape rates from 1964-5 when the immigration act was changed here. Be objective and consider personal family and friends knowledge, not only criminal statistics, as many are not recorded or even taken to the police. This is not new, it has been 50+ years in the engineering.

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