December 7, 2023

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The Day Aussie Freedom Died – David Icke Banned From Entering Australia

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Statement from David Icke after being banned from Australia today

I was shocked and appalled to have received the news earlier today that my visa had been revoked just hours before boarding a flight to Australia by Immigration Minister David Coleman.

I have been a victim of a smear campaign from politicians who have been listening to special interest groups attempting to discredit my beliefs, my views and my character by spreading lies.

I would like to clarify the following in no uncertain terms:


    • I am not anti-Semitic


    • I am not a Holocaust denier


    • I do not wish to have Holocaust denial be taught in schools.


With no shred of evidence, these ploys have worked. My previously approved visa accepted last September has been vetted by the highest levels of Government in Australia but has now been thrown out at the last hour.

This is due to pressure not only from these groups, but also from an article in The Australian today, stating libellous claims. I was never given the right of reply to, despite requesting the chance to speak before the article was published.

Minister Coleman has also included my views on vaccinations and global warming as reasons for my visa to be revoked.

This knee-jerk reaction to accommodate the people behind this smear campaign has left a sinister mark on Australians, compromising freedom of speech and ideas. This goes further than just me today, but sets a dangerous precedent for citizens who have differing views and are willing to openly express these.

Does this mean that from this point forward, the Australian Government has given license to ban any media outlet, politician, citizen or public figure from entering this country based on their beliefs?

This is the creation of a blatantly Orwellian totalitarian state and says the Government believes they have the right to dictate what the nation can and cannot choose to hear. I am not forcing anybody to listen to my views, nor am I forcing anybody to believe them. I am simply stating my well-researched beliefs and giving the Australian public an open forum to consider another viewpoint.

I urge Minister Coleman to reconsider this decision and base this judgement on facts. I have been to Australia 10 times since 1997  for speaking engagements and there has never been a single problem or incident. Minister Coleman confirmed this in his judgment. The purpose of my tour is to discuss my latest research  I was not even going to mention the Jewish community – as I did not on my last tour.

My visit to Australia is not a ‘risk to the health, safety or good order of the Australian community or a segment of the Australian community’ as the Government have stated when revoking my visa. That is ludicrous – I have been ten times for goodness sake with no problem.

You, the Australian public, deserve to choose what you see and hear. Electing to deny my entry into the country only confirms to the general public that my contentions is truly correct; freedom is in the process of being demolished in Australia.

Once gone – it won’t be coming back.

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Ticket Holders will be contacted in the next 24 hours.

4 thoughts on “The Day Aussie Freedom Died – David Icke Banned From Entering Australia

  1. Have we all received – countless time s over the last few months – calls – originating from area code (02) ??
    Telling us to call the number given or we will be arrested immediately.
    The male voice has a definite American accent & sounds like US law enforcement.
    The first time we got one of these calls we each of us were scared to death.

    Who Is Doing This ??
    Is it a ‘fill in’ for the security technology that we have been told is following us around & gathering every scrap of information on us ??
    How many billions did they pay ??
    Or didn’t they say.
    Money well spent – hey.

  2. Then of course there are the calls from [I am not being racially discriminating here] male & female persons with Indian type accents.
    Who claim to be from / calling on behalf of TELSTRA.
    Telling us that we are
    * downloading illegal material
    * have not paid our TELSTRA bill & are about to be disconnected
    * that we are not on a secure line & h
    * they can talk us through the method of securing our computer connection
    & much more …
    Someone is deliberately talking down TELSTRA
    When I say someone I mean competition / an enemy wishing to cause share prices to fall / that TELSTRA is seen as incompetent ??

    Surely the Australian government & at least TELSTRA wantts this to stop before real damage is done to their reputation ??
    After all the hairy chest beating are we really only useless ??

  3. We’re almost there in Aus, Corporate Communism.
    The Jews cannot be criticised no matter what their crimes are they, after all, are Gods chosen and like the Pope, God on earth, are infallible. Excuse me whilst I puke!
    Communism is about controlling free speech and Australia is doing just that. David Icke is just one example of Jew power in Australia and our move to Communist control by Jew Corporations.
    Many do not know that it was the Bankers in Wall St; that financed the Russian Revolution where some 60 million were murdered by the Jewish controlled Bolshevik’s. The Bankers were also Jews as per the Schiff’s, Warburgs and Rothschild’s.
    This makes Communism, that evolved from the Russian Revolution, Jew Corporate controlled and financed.
    So therefore it is basic to accept that the Big Corporate Money is about Control of Nations.
    We, in Aus, are in the Corporate cross hairs of control and we witness this in the fervour that our spineless Pollies sign all these Trade Agreements without our approval. These treasonous scumbags are in the Corporate wallet and they give nil about your welfare. Go read some fine print about Trade Agreements.
    If we are the Democratic Australia that our sad Pollies keep telling us then David Icke should be allowed his platform; we are not a democratic country, Mr prime Minister, but a Zionist controlled Corporate Communistic one.

  4. Yet another sad lurch into the chasm of Communism by Australians who seem to keep shooting their feet.
    It is sad indeed that this beautiful country is being destroyed by parasites from outside who, thru the apparatus of racism and antisemitism, promote Laws to restrict our evolve.
    Why can’t we be Australians for Australia?
    Nationalism is considered a crime by our Zionist overlords in Australia yet in their domain, Israel/Palestine, they commit human atrocities and can sleep peacefully over all their crimes.
    Communism is Zionism; make no mistake about that!

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