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Worldwide Effort to Restrict Everyone’s Right to Travel Is Close to a Reality


According to a recently published white paper there is a worldwide effort to restrict the right to travel of everyone. And you will not believe how the U.N. is involved.

A recent article in Papers warns that the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) wants to check every airline passenger’s background and send airlines an “Authority to Carry” before a passenger is allowed to board a plane.

“An iAPI system allows for a two-way communication in near real-time. The airlines transmit the API message on a per-person basis to the requesting authorities at the time of check-in, while law enforcement agencies have the opportunity to decide whether a certain person is allowed or not to board a plane by issuing a board/no-board message.”

Think about what this means, the self-proclaimed “largest regional security organization in the world” the OSCE, wants to conduct background checks of every airline passenger in the world.

“The work of the OSCE spans the globe, encompassing three continents – North America, Europe and Asia – and more than a billion people.”

Giving a private organization the ability to control the right to travel of nearly 8 billion people is horrifying.

The white paper warns that the OSCE and the International Air Transport Association are working together to track every airline passenger.

Thanks to the UN and its member states, the OSCE has been collecting close to 50% of airline passenger’s personal information since 2017.

UN helped create a worldwide airline tracking program

According to the white paper the United Nations (UN) played an important role in creating a worldwide airline tracking program.

“In December 2017, the United Nations Security Council unanimously adopted Resolution 2396. Building upon previous Resolutions 2178(2014) and 2309(2016), it calls upon Member States to collect API and PNR information. Because 2396 was adopted under Chapter VII of the UN Charter, compliance with this obligation is mandatory for all Member States.”

“Full implementation of Resolution 2396 represents a massive undertaking. To date, only 48% of OSCE participating States have set up an API system, while just 31% collect PNR data.”

The UN’s involvement in creating a worldwide tracking system is made even more disturbing after a recent IRIN News article revealed that they hired Palantir to analyze their food program.

The UN’s food program contains personally identifiable data of 90 million people. Why would the UN hire Palantir and why would they help to create a worldwide airline tracking program?

Has the UN become a worldwide spy agency?

The OSCE’s Transnational Threats Department (TNTD) is a repository of secret threat ratings of airline passengers.

The TNTD is comprised of four units – Action against Terrorism, Border Security and Management, Strategic Police Matters, and Co-ordination Cell, but also deals with cross-cutting topics, such as cyber/ICT security and POLIS, OSCE’s online law enforcement information system.

What does this mean to Americans?  It means the the TSA, CBP and the OSCE are secretly giving threat assessments to every airline passenger. And anyone of them could put a person on the No-Fly list for any reason.

Imagine a worldwide OSCE police force that has the power to detain and stop people from travelling anywhere. Well imagine no more because the OSCE actually has a police force that could do just that.

Below is a list of some of the things OSCE police do:

  • Building capacities of the law enforcement to address transnational threats;
  • Developing and organizing sustainable police education programmes;
  • Organizing leadership and management training for law enforcement and government officials, judges and prosecutors;
  • Strengthening investigative and analytical skills;
  • Enhancing competencies in conducting financial investigations, in addressing money laundering and in seizing criminal assets;
  • Developing community policing initiatives and police-public partnership;
  • Addressing domestic violence;
  • Assisting in strategic planning and threat assessments;
  • Supporting information exchange amongst border officials;
  • Facilitating information sharing and the exchange of best practices;
  • Analysing and assessing lessons learned to develop guidance;
  • Advising on legislation reform and institution-building;
  • Promoting intelligence-led policing;
  • Monitoring police work for compliance with international human rights standards; and
  • Supporting regional and international police co-operation.

Fyi, the largest private security police force in the world could soon rival the UN’s police force.

Urgent! China Blacklists Millions of People from Booking Flights as ‘Social Credit’ System Introduced

Tracking every airline passenger in the world is close to a reality

As the above picture illustrates, the UN, OSCE and governments are close to creating a worldwide airline tracking program.

Combine this with a global effort to track everyone’s license plates and you do not have to be a rocket scientist to see how EVERYONE’S right to travel freely is in jeopardy.


5 thoughts on “Worldwide Effort to Restrict Everyone’s Right to Travel Is Close to a Reality

  1. “Authority to Carry” … restricting the right for every one to travel …..
    Isn’t this in direct opposition to the human rights charter for open borders ??

    I watched the Clinton video – thank you – great stuff …
    THEY ARE ALL OFF THEIR FACE ON HEROIN – COCAINE & Beelzebub only knows what else.
    Junkies & sex starves fruit loops the lot of them.

    They need to go –
    They need to go –
    We cannot have drug addicted politicians & their gofers running the world & it is obvious that this is the case today.

    1. Oh, & alcoholics … it was Margaret Thatchers son who told of his mothers alcohol addiction.
      Did you know that Thatcher was ready to nuke the Falklands rather than to lose the war ??
      The poor woman had lost all sense of reality.

  2. Interesting Articles:-
    PLEASE READ THIS ARTICLE as an example of how BACKWARD The Australian government & most especially the Medical Profession are in Australia.
    Notice the treatments offered & including treatments not recognized in Australia as legitimate = alternative. – Medical Tourism Why Are Australians Doing It?-
    The Australians forced to travel for medical treatment –

    But also – Australians are going for hip & knee replacement – spinal surgery & the cosmetic surgery in Thailand is reaping $300 MILLION per year from Australia.

    Australia has 3 – 4 times more doctors & surgeons than they need – why do they all gravitate here ??
    Because they get paid for doing nothing up front – so why should they put out !!

  3. I also heard on radio this afternoon that there are to be less COLONOSCOPIES done.
    Much less …
    My friend who nearly blew up 1/2 the block with his rancid ammunition hidden up in his attic.
    A senior partner of an international law firm in town.
    His wife found blood spots on his white Yfronts & insisted that he go have it seen to – fearing bowel cancer.
    He, the crafty devil – went to his specialist friend who did a superficial examination & said it was all okay up there.
    What should have happened is that his specialist friend should have performed a proper & full … frill & all – COLONOSCOPY on him & he did not.
    One Sunday afternoon David was doubled over in agony.
    The bowel cancer had spread so well that it was everywhere by now & David died.

    1. Australia’s private hospitals are 1/2 empty & not 1/2 full.
      Mostly empty monuments of wasted Australian Taxpayer Dollars.
      Australians want real health care & not a glass of red with dinner as they slowly perish.
      S they go overseas for healthcare.

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