October 2, 2023

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They’re Preparing Us For The Prince Of Darkness

Published on Sep 15, 2018

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6 thoughts on “They’re Preparing Us For The Prince Of Darkness

  1. My father died.
    My eldest daughter took possession of his Tarot cards.
    Several years later she moved home for a while.
    One evening she presented me with my fathers pack of Tarot cards saying, “they are for you.”
    I rang mum to ask if she wanted them.
    “No, he lit his candles & called the devil with those cards,’ she told me.
    I played with the cards for a few days.
    Concerned, my daughter cautioned me to be careful.
    Finally I decided that I had to burn the cards, not because of what my mother had said, there were unresolved issues between them & he went & died on her & she was still very angry with.
    I told my daughter, she was struck with fear but said nothing.
    I got a good fire going in the fire place & threw the whole pack in.
    3 cards came flying out
    2 were burning
    1 was not
    The 10 of swords
    The Strength card
    The Lovers
    I picked them up & threw them back into the fire.
    The Strength Card came flying out again
    I was for me so I kept it.
    The Lovers card was not the original card that belonged in this pack – it had changed to appear with a specific message.

  2. \”CERN is being used to open the pit\”

    What pit ??
    Another world / existence alongside ours ??
    The supernatural world ??
    The supernatural world has access to our existence – I say existence because I believe that it is attached to us – the human element & not the material element in our world.
    Does it need us ??
    Does it need our brain capacity to interpret it from raw energy to an identity reality / form / existence ??
    Maybe …
    For us – is it a case of … be careful what you wish for ??

  3. Are we the PORTAL ?/
    It’s entry point into our world ??
    But in our existence it has to be / perform according to our interpretation of it & not its own –
    It is not free to choose.

  4. The filter is our brain’s – [ & maybe limited capacity ] – capacity to interpret.
    Therefore is our brain programmed to keep it out / under control / make of it what we will ??

  5. Explosions cause rips in the fabric
    Time & space moves & all manner of things happen as a result
    Is CERN being used to make explosions to cause GOD POWER TO BE RELEASED ??
    To Whom ??
    The owners of CERN ??
    The self – proclaimed – wannabe prophets – = INSANITY pure & simple.
    The me in the white coats & the humble straight jackets have a real role to play here.
    The sooner we get rid of organized religion the better.

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