December 7, 2023

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“There is NO Debate” – Facts the Herald Sun Hides About the Anti-Vaccine ‘Myths’
Australian Prime Minister and Wife Tied to Pharma, Pushing Mandatory Vaccination

Mandatory vaccination in Australia is now almost a reality!

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has proposed No Jab No Play legislation to ban unvaccinated children from childcare and preschool Australia wide. 

On September 12th, 2017, NSW government will debate the bill that will make No Jab No Play possible. It will be under the Public Health Amendment (Review) Bill 2017

It was introduced on the 10th of August by NSW’s Health minister  Mr Brad Hazzard who calls parents who don’t vaccinate ‘ irresponsible’. Is it irresponsible to want to protect children from potentially severe adverse reactions, brain damage or even death,  Mr Hazzard? Am i a bad parent because i want to protect my babies immune system from being assaulted by toxic vaccines that make them sick for the rest of their lives, Mr Hazzard?

Walt Secord also proposed the NSW No Jab No Play Bill and suggests that parents who don’t vaccinate are neglectful and it should be a child welfare issue. Walt Secord says ‘ It is time to treat vaccination not as a choice of parents but as the right of children’

It’s now or never!

It’s not going to stop here!
Next will be, “No Jab No School,
No Jab No Job and No Jab No Pension!”

What about, no jab no travel?

No Passport

No Drivers License

No Health care

There will be a protest against this Draconian & discriminatory policy on Tuesday, September 12, 10am-2pm. Sydney, CBD. Martin Place. Opposite NSW Parliament House, Macquarie Street.

It is not about whether you are for vaccination or not…The question is, will the people of NSW give up the right to decide what enters the bodies of their children? Do you want to see a future where your children’s bodies are owned & completely dominated by Government & Big Pharma interests? A future where you have no rights over your own body & are treated like a terrorist for simply wanting a healthy family? 

If you care about this issue please consider attending this protest. Even if you have to take the day off work or travel. We have speakers travelling in from across Australia so stand up, show some support & get informed. 

This tyrannical bill will take away the right of parents to decide what will enter the bodies of their children. It removes the provisions of ‘informed consent’ and enforces compulsory immunisation through financial and social coercion. It REMOVES the right to conscientiously object to immunisation on any grounds, including religious. Are you starting to feel like a cornered rat in an experiment? 

The ability to decide what happens to our children is of critical importance & our rights as parents need to be preserved & protected at any cost. To have drug companies, politicians and bureaucrats decide what vaccines go into our children’s bodies is a very dangerous idea! ALL of their jobs depend on adding more and more vaccines to the childhood schedule & this keeps their pay packets fat & Big Pharma happy.

Are you willing to put the safety of your child at risk because a News-Corp newspaper told you to? have you ever stopped to ask why Australian newspapers & media personalities push the vaccination agenda like drug reps on steroids? Robert F. Kennedy: The vaccine industry OWNS the media and controls everything they say about dangerous vaccines

Remember, when it comes to vaccines it’s all about money so you are just being conned. New Report Says “Vaccine Market” Worth $61 Billion by 2020

Police permits are in place.
Information table.
Children’s activities.
NON STOP speeches from health professionals, activists and parents of vaccine-injured children!

Let’s stand up for our bodily integrity and for true scientific integrity!

If you can’t make the rally please sign the petition

For more information about the rally please email [email protected]

To check out a video from the last Sydney No Jab No Play rally June 4th 2017

#nojabnoplaynoway #sciencenotlobbyists #Healthfreedomworldwide #MedicalFreedom 


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