October 4, 2023

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Why vaccines are on the way out – for good.

You heard right. In 2017 there are many things going on in the world –

I challenge you. When you turn on the TV, watch the news. What are the main stories? With ALL the issues of the world, the number of people sick and dying from all the myriad issues for which there are no vaccines, how many times can you watch the news for more than 5 minutes, without the propaganda stories linked to new vaccine discoveries or outright flogging? None.

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Watch ANY natural disaster story – without fail, it winds up with a warning for the need to get whichever vaccine is currently being flogged. Stuck in a flood? Forget everything else – get your vaccinations. Watch ANY drama on TV or even a movie which includes sickness in the storyline. Vaccines. Always. Forget hygiene, diet, fresh air, removing toxins or even exercise.

Always vaccines.

Takes the heat off the failure of antibiotics, I guess.

Go to ANY pharmacy – now, make no mistake – pharmacies cover literally thousands of diseases and symptom sets – from the basic to the chronic and terminal. But what is on the window/board outside/signage at the counter?

Flu shots.

When groups such as Medecins Sans Frontieres refuse a vaccine, it is always reported to be about anything other than the truth – big pharma ensures vaccines BEFORE food and water. Don’t believe me? Check out any propaganda on famine – ALWAYS about the need for vaccines and disease elimination. Good way to take control and decisions from the medical experts. Now, if medical experts of old could eradicate disease using just hygiene over 100 years ago, how far have we really come? What sort of monster diseases do we now have that can only be eradicated by magical vaccines?

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ALL the past plagues – black death – Spanish flu – malaria – all the massive epidemics of the past – long before vaccines, all eradicated. Think about it – no mass media, no government enforced programs or bribes. We are talking absolute sickness and death. No chance to change your circumstances or afford fresh air, clean water, healthy food or the abundant natural health of the day.

Carry iron umbrellas in case toasters fall out of the sky

More and more are admitting the fraud yet the locomotive shows no sign of abating. But how strong are humans, when we are fighting the onslaught, and learning to live outside of paradigms inflicted upon us in the hope we will comply? In the mass hysteria, it has been a case of shooting themselves in their own feet – while the gullible have fallen for it, more an dmore people are questioning the truth. You can not go anywhere now without the topic being raised. And the more it is raised, the more peopel will investigate for themselves.

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But even the best research, while drawing in these disease names, somehow manages to con the reader into thinking it was up to non existent vaccines to magically bring about restoration of health collectively. And doctors, desperate to continue the money grab, actually fall for the con and heavily promote it. Imagine if a mechanic said to you, “Put this oil in your car and it will stop your tyres from ever blowing. And you will never have to put water in your radiator again.” This is, in effect, what medicine is getting away with. Desperately.

Go to ANY doctor’s surgery waiting room. Look up. Without fail, almost every poster is linked or is outright blatant vaccine advertising. All before you even get to the doctor’s room – then, without fail, asks if you are up to date with the vaccines which cover a small set of obscure symptom sets (if we are honest). “Oh, Jimmy bumped his head? Has he had his MMR shot?”

Now that herd immunity has well and truly been disproven, desperate propaganda will blame an outbreak in a 100% vaccinated school or daycare on the unvaccinated. ‘You are obese because your neighbour eats too much.”

In Australia at least, welfare, daycare and now school is being banned for those who refuse to vaccinate. Even the people who are already vaccine injured. Even those with life threatening illnesses who should never be vaccinated, by medical admission.

When was it a prerequisite that you have a safe car to attend school or daycare?

When was parenting measured on just how the child is cared for? Today, it is all about whether you have a paediatrician and if you are not vaccinated, most likely you will not go to Sally’s birthday party, or visit your new grandchild.

Imagine being banned from seeing a doctor because you are obese

Or because you didn’t want to use a treatment option suggested for ANY other pre-existing illness. Or because you take drugs. Or because you are a rapist. Or because you are a violent alcoholic. Just would not happen. A criminal has more rights than a non vaccinated person. Why?

Why is vaccination the only pharma/medical sector immune from prosecution and liability? You can sue for everything – even the most minor thing and even if it is your own fault. But not a single side effect of vaccine – including death – can be dealt with legally. In fact, in Australia, more than one legal team has been destroyed, just trying. And now there are gag orders in place, forbidding them from warning others.

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Why does the vaccine industry have its own adverse event reporting sector? And why is only around 1 in ten patient or parental complaints even recorded? If they were at all concerned with a patient, or what they are responsible for, every single one would be recorded.

If you are unfortunate enough to go to ER, you can literally count down.

5-4-3-2-1 : ‘Are you up to date with your vaccinations?’

Tell me. 100% of us know about vaccines. Pregnant women are told about them. Child health clinics give you a nice little package with instructions. Travellers are given guidelines. Medical and school records are detailed and parents are reminded ad nauseum. We ALL know. Why then, when all things are considered, are vaccines flogged shamelessly?

Because people are waking up.

Medical experts are waking up. The honest ones speak out and often lose their jobs. And the more the truth comes out, the percentage of non-vaccinating families grows.

THEY know that if the wall crumbles, it will REALLY crumble. So they up the ante. The scaremongering is at never before seen levels – not since the world war propaganda, has anything been so heavily promoted. And we all know (or we should) that if something NEEDS to be so heavily promoted, it is usually a scam, usually with a lot to lose. A lot of investors. A lot of liability. A lot to hide.

If this were not so, it would just go along, as every other thing in life continues to do. No pressure. Part of life.

Why so desperate?

We all know there is a calm before the storm. We saw the calm – when parents just sat and failed to take action. We are in the midst of the storm. A storm which is ruining careers and lives, leaving catastrophic destruction in its wake. But we also know that there is ALWAYS calm after a storm – which always results in weeding out fact from fiction. There is no change without a fight. There is no birth without birth pains. No evil goes without a fight – and they are really tenacious, hanging on to the bitter end.

Just half a decade ago, around 5% in the western world refused to vaccinate. Today, it is creeping up to 20% and in some places – especially those with a higher level of education and social standing, it sits around 50%. No amount of bribery will work once the truth is known.

And all the while, pressure is placed heavily upon all natural optionswhich can not only offer a healthy, disease free lifestyle but protect you from susceptibility and injury. What is safe is now seen as dangerous. And what is dangerous is the norm.

Only the ignorant and leasts defensive will remain. I for one pray for the day when it is illegal to even discuss vaccines, let alone force them upon our most defenceless. They created this pressure cooker. And like all pressure cookers, eventually the top comes off – whether it is released carefully or it explodes.

Goliath is falling.

Source: https://chrysalis-edenic-health.org/2017/12/05/why-vaccines-are-on-the-way-out-for-good/

5 thoughts on “Why vaccines are on the way out – for good.

  1. Netflix Adaptation of Richard K. Morgan’s Cyberpunk Noir Altered Carbon.
    Read about it on tor.com .. great website.

    They still have not mastered cloning – Dolly The Sheep never happened & IVF is still a dodgy business – along with organ transplant & stem-cell science.
    The medicosciencetech industry is still just faking it.

  2. Cancer Vaccine Gets Price Cut In Poor Nations:
    Two companies that make vaccines against cervical cancer, announced Thursday that they will cut their prices to the worlds poorest countries to below $5.00 per dose, eventually making it possible for millions of girls to be protected against a major deadly cancer.

    The vaccine costs $130 per dose in the USA & THREE DOSES ARE REQUIRED.

    Observation: When a product drops in price – it is usually because it is not selling – it is more than likely that the MIRACLE VACCINE against cervical cancer is being DUMPED onto the third world markets.

    1. How many millions has Our Malcolm Turnbull paid over to TELSTRA to set up a ….. (experiencing mind block – need to find article – back soon)
      ….. $220 million to set up a cancer register – bowel & cervical cancer.

      What if we do not have that much cancer in Australia.
      Aren\’t we going overboard with this cancer vaccination program when it is still not proven to be a successful treatment – ?

      Money grows on trees in Canberra.

  3. How much does Australia pay, per dose for this miracle cure cervical cancer vaccine ?
    Let us assume we pay the same as the USA.
    $130 X 3 doses per girl = $390
    If 1.000.000 Australian girls were vaccinated =
    $390 X 1.000.000 = $390.000.000
    Three hundred & ninety million dollars for a product with not certainty of success.
    Australia has money to burn.

  4. Interesting Listening:
    The Health Report Norman Swan ABC RN
    A new, more accurate cervical cancer screening program.

    Next year … Australian boys & girls will be vaccinated for HPV
    How much did we say it cost for each child to be vaccinated = $390 per child.

    And therefore we are certain that the science is CORRECT ?
    Because the above screening program is reliant on the capacity for HPV testing.
    It amounts to BIG ALMIGHTY DOLLARS to be thrown at Pharmaceutical products that may not even work.

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