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Has The COVID Virus Been Proven To Exist?

Probably the most censored topic today is the debate over whether the COVID 19 virus (SARS COV 2) has ever been proven to exist.  Most people know nothing about viruses or the process for proving the existence of a virus. Therefore, when people hear on the television news that there is a new and deadly virus, they automatically assume that it is true.

With regards to the supposed COVID-19 virus, the average person has absolutely no idea that various doctors and scientists have been arguing that no such virus has been proven to exist. Even within the Health Freedom Movement, there is controversy over this subject and even censorship.


Children’s Health Defense has broken through the censorship and allowed those with alternative views to present their evidence.  Mary Holland, The President of Children’s Health Defense, did an interview on CHDTV with movie Director Mike Wallach who produced the documentary: Viral Delusion, and scientist Dave Rasnick, PhD.  Mary Holland put the hard questions to them and gave them the opportunity to make their case.  While CHD has not taken a position on this subject, CHD does believe that people have the right to be heard especially doctors and scientists with differing views.


The film: Viral Delusion gives voice to the various doctors and scientists around the world who have been pointing out that no COVID -19 virus exists. These include: Dr. Dave Rasnick, Dr. Sam Baily, Dr. Andrew Kaufman, Dr. Tom Cowan and others. One of their arguments is that no COVID-19 virus has ever been purified. Purified simply means to separate from everything else.  This is a critical step before any claims about the existence of a new and deadly virus can be made.  There are additional steps that are also necessary, but the purification step has never been done! Given the credentials of these individuals, their charge is one that has to be taken seriously and addressed.

Dr. Sam Bailey



Even worse, many of them can become very emotional and even hostile against those who challenge the virus theory.  It is like all of their training in high school and college about being objective, logical, asking questions, examining the facts and presenting evidence, goes out the window. Sadly, this is not limited to those with limited education, but it also applies just as much to those with advanced degrees.  They want to shout down and bully anyone who dares to question whether the supposed COVID 19 virus exists or questions the virus theory.




This is like a scene out of the film: They Live. In this film some people could see the truth because of a special pair of glasses.  Those, who did not have the special glasses not only could not see the truth about their world, but they were also hostile towards those who knew the truth.  It is a very dangerous state of affair when objective discussion and debate are shutdown.  Many people have suffered severely because of their refusal to listen.

If the doctors and scientists who claim that no COVID virus exists are right, then the implications are monumental.  It would mean that the tests for COVID are worthless. It would mean that the COVID vaccines are worthless. It would mean that masks are worthless.  It would also mean that drug companies have been making billions of dollars over a virus that does not exists.


What is the truth is a question that is up to each individual to decide and watching this excellent interview is a great way to get started.   After you watch this interview, look up Viral Delusion and watch it as well.  It is very informative.  After reviewing this information, you should ask yourself – has the scientific method been satisfied with regards to proving the existence of the COVID virus.

Curtis Cost

You can watch this interview using the link below:

‘Good Morning CHD’ Episode 136:

The Viral Delusion With Mary Holland, David Rasnick + Mike Wallach–mike-wallach/


Here are two other sources to consider:

The End of Germ Theory

A Farewell To Virology (Expert Edition) – Dr Mark Bailey

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