December 1, 2023

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Australia: medically caused deaths – the numbers are shocking

By Jon Rappoport

While the Australian government and its lackeys viciously attack citizens who question the safety of vaccines;

And while legislators try (unsuccessfully) to label all natural-health remedies as “pseudoscience”;

The same government ignores what mainstream medicine is doing—killing people at an alarming rate.

From “Shockingly, 18,000 to 54,000 Australians are killed each year by their medical treatment —official description ‘iatrogenic death’.  These are just ones we know about.  Nobody keeps accurate figures.”

The Sydney Morning Herald, July 27, 2009: “HOSPITAL errors claim the lives of 4550 Australians a year, equivalent to the death toll from 13 jumbo jets crashing and killing all on board, says a report to the Government which urges sweeping reforms of the health system.”

“…problems include[e] hospital-borne infections, medication mix-ups, drug side effects and patient falls…Such ‘adverse events’ are estimated to have affected about 16 per cent of people admitted [to hospitals].”

“Three in 10 Australians who suffer a chronic condition complain of poor co-ordination of their care, conflicting advice and duplication of tests.”

ABC (Australia) June 10, 2013: “By some estimates, as many as 18,000 people die every year as a result of medical error, while 50,000 people suffer a permanent injury.”  All as a result of treatment in hospitals.

And yet, health ministers, legislators, doctors, and brainwashed trolls are constantly attacking citizens who look into, investigate, and expose official lies about vaccines.

Will these propagandists and loons focus their efforts on their own medical system, since it is doing such catastrophic harm?  No, instead they deflect and distract public attention from their own back yard, where death and destruction of human life have taken up permanent residence.

This is called a clue.

And don’t be fooled, when the press attributes all these deaths and injuries to “medical errors.”  The medicines are inherently toxic.  The studies on which claims of safety are based are riddled with fraud. 

The same deadly deceit is being carried out in the US and other countries.

And the same strategy applies.  Attack Natural Health and praise devastatingly harmful “modern” medicine.

For years, I’ve been providing evidence that, in the US, the medical system kills 225,000 people a year.  The prime review exposing this fact: “Is US Health Really the Best in the World?” published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, on July 26, 2000, by Dr. Barbara Starfield.  Well, if you take the medically-caused death figure of 18,000 in Australia, and account for the population difference between the US and Australia, you discover that the Australian medical system is killing its citizens at the same rate as in America.

To my friends in Australia: You can use this article to go on the offense.  Turn things around.  The Australian government is harassing you re vaccines?  Rightly accuse them of causing widespread death and destruction through their own “pristine” medical system.

11 thoughts on “Australia: medically caused deaths – the numbers are shocking

  1. Absolutely Jon!…… the Australian AMA casually palm off these medical disasters as Iatrogenic which reminded me of the phrase used by Madeline Albright to describe the Iraqi civilian war deaths….. ‘Collateral Damage’.
    Maybe our Rockefella designed AMA should consult their spin doctors and use ‘collateral damage’ as, in abstract theory, connotes as unintentional destruction of human lives whereas ‘Iatrogenic’ allows a more precise explanation of Death by Medicine….. they shoot their feet as practice.

  2. Hospital culture is largely influenced by the relationship between administrative & clinical staff leaders.
    Where physicians have a stranglehold on operations & determine the facilities ability to make changes. This can lead to problem, including unchecked verbal abuse of staff, inability to determine bad actors & diverting patients to certain facilities where they receive volume incentive remunerations.
    Physicians greed is a common feature of medical practice & so when physicians are empowered, they can be as corrupt as administrators.

    An example might be:- having implanted a pacemaker, the senior medical staff, based on an angiogram which showed evidence of 1 blocked artery & 2 semi blocked arteries, might decide that a bypass was immediately necessary & pressure the patient to give consent.
    When in fact the bypass was not yet necessary at this point in time & could wait till a much later date.
    But also there is the matter of medication, if the situation exists, where a senior physician — but usually a controlling group of senior physicians are receiving remunerations from BigPharma to medicate regardless of need — but as a financial benefit — it is open slather & only patient care & safety suffers at the cost of million of public healthcare dollars.

    This means that everyone got together & talked it over & came to an amicable agreement to COMMIT MEDICAL FRAUD to attain monetary profits. This doesn\’t just happen by itself – the medical professionals sit down & talk it over & agree to commit crime.

    In Australian hospitals, both administrative & physician control rules the culture.
    Senior persons — control the culture of Australian hospitals, where greed & other misconducts are practiced. Non compliant staff are weeded out to create obedience within the entire staff of the hospital.

    Now the hospital is being run by internal \”self serving vested Interest\” that bleed the hospitals financial & material resources to the tune of millions of dollars FROM THE PUBLIC PURSE & the health & wellbeing of the Australian community.

    It is not always the politicians of the day, who command the performance of a hospital, but the greedy OLD MEN & WOMEN who have passed their used by date & should be sacked & retired.

    Our politicians are gutless, afraid to act to rectify the self serving culture of corruption in Australian public & private hospitals.
    To think that a small group of ageing & greedy persons can hijack Australia\’s hospital system & use it for their own purposes.

  3. To the self appointed GOD’s of Australia Public Hospital System:
    Run while you can – because Australia has had enough of your greed & destructive antics.

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  5. Several years ago, at the local Centrelink office, there were several new staff members.
    They stayed for a few weeks.
    They were dressed in suits, both males & females they looked very neat & absolutely professional.
    You know how some people have that look of confident, positive, efficient, capability at all times.
    They were also very nice & helpful, unlike the regular Centrelink staff.
    We all knew that they were the FEDS.
    Yes, they were Federal Police Officers.
    It was very cool to see the Federal Police at Centrelink.
    The tables were turned – hey!

  6. What if it became known – globally – that a medical device / a product – that was promised to not just help you to live longer, but better.
    What if the medical profession, out there in global cardiology land were to discover that this product could be faulty?
    That this product could be life threatening even.
    What do you think would happen?
    Would the medical profession, take the risk of using this product, at the expense of their careers & the well being of their patients?

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