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Facebook Censors Australian Anti-Vaccination Page

By Jon Rappoport

Welcome to the Australian censorship nightmare.

“Content unavailable in Australia.  You’re unable to view this content because local laws restrict our ability to show it.”

This remarkable message is what Australian readers encountered when they tried to access an Ant-Vaccination Facebook page.  A new page for Anti-Vaccination Australia has been set up HERE 

Facebook is claiming it’s shutting down access to Australians only, while people outside the country can view the FB page.  What “local laws” are they talking about?

The federal government of Australia is OFFICIALLY censoring speech that questions the safety and efficacy of vaccines?

Apparently so.  And Facebook, known for all sorts of censorship, is going along with it.

The AVN vaxx-truth group has issued this statement:     

“We warned you…Three weeks ago, we sent out a newsletter containing information about the Federal Health Minister, Greg Hunt, saying that he will be, ‘approaching some of the Australian leaders of social media outlets to ask them to take all steps to ensure that dangerous messages about immunisation are clamped down on’.”

“Two days ago, one of the FaceBook pages that has been set up to allow parents to discuss the issues of vaccine safety and effectiveness from a vaccine-critical point of view was blocked and now, can only be viewed from outside of Australia.”

“The AVN has set up a public page on MeWe which is one of the social media outlets recently established to allow free speech and privacy to remain supreme.  We need to ask you all to join us there and to ask all of your friends and contacts to do the same. The only language FaceBook, Twitter and the other forums understand is numbers – so let’s take our numbers away from them.”

It sounds like Greg Hunt, Australia’s Federal Health Minister, is MAKING laws himself.  Where is the piece of legislation, duly passed, that makes it acceptable for this kind of stark censorship to be coerced?

What’s next?  Will FB posts that criticize censorship and Greg Hunt be blacked out? 

What about posts that expose the long-standing relationship between the US and Australia re Pine Gap, the major CIA-Pentagon facility that, among other functions, spies on global internet and phone communication?  Will these posts be censored?

I recently wrote a piece for The Crazz Files, an Australian website, on the alarming number of medically caused deaths in Australia.  Will FB decide, in conjunction with the government, that this piece, if posted on FB, is “against local laws?”

One domino leads to another.  Governments develop an appetite for deleting information.  They test citizens’ reactions, and if they find only minor objections, they’re encouraged and push the envelope.

“Sir, my team came up with fifty recent articles people in our country shouldn’t read.  They’re fake news, and could influence opinion in the wrong direction.”

“Good work, Smith.  Black them out.  We here at the Ministry of Truth are carrying out a vital mission.  Don’t let people see what they shouldn’t see.  It’s for their own good…”

And so it goes. 

The curtain falls. 

The State triumphs.

Unless the people make their voices heard at the level of a tsunami.         

Jon Rappoport   

2 thoughts on “Facebook Censors Australian Anti-Vaccination Page

  1. Facebook is losing market share by the minute.- & they are saying it doesn’t matter?

    article title: Facebook Is Losing Its Cool & It Still Doesn’t Matter –

    Because –
    “The broader market is in rebound ……………… but one stock that has lagged in this rebound is – DIGITAL ADD GIANT – Facebook.
    Some of this lag has to do with fake news headwinds – THREATENING DIGITAL ADD DEMAND – but those fears seem overdone considering Facebook is beating the drum of safety & security over profitability.
    Facebook is unparalleled in reach & scale in the digital world, so as long as the company invests in vetting extreme content – which management is planning on doing – then add demand should remain robust.”

    So – Facebook makes its money from adds –
    Has Glen Hunt given over the governments add budget to Facebook to have them CENSOR – material considered dangerous to the money making venture that compulsory vaccination of 100% of the Australian population is expected to be.
    The windfall at the expense of the health & wellbeing of Australians.
    I’m sure Facebook is not doing this little favor for Glen Hunt & Our Malcolm Turnbull FOR FREE.
    How much more money has been earmarked for MORE squandering?
    Good money after bad.

    Australia has got money to burn.

  2. The Afstralia <- Greek Spelling for Australia:
    The Afstralia government is determined to forcibly implement 100% vaccination compliance of the Afstralia peoples.

    Only that the horse has bolted.
    There never was a window of opportunity, even.

    The whole political arena is on side – their catch cry being – kaching kaching kaching.
    Greed is good.
    But greed is not enough.
    There has to be a workable plan.
    And there was – to their minds.
    What I think went wrong with the thinking of the Afstralia politicians is this.
    Operative words here:
    What am I trying to say?
    They – got to believe that – we – the people of Australia, were nothing more than a bunch of mindless cows.
    In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.
    They are flogging a dead horse here.

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