September 23, 2023

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Show Your Support & Ban The Burqa

Senator Cory Bernardi has fought to ban the burqa since 2010 and was ostracised by all sides of politics at the time for standing up for Australian values.

Add your name to demonstrate that the Australian public see no place for the burqa in Australian society.

The success of Australian Conservatives depends on the support of thousands of Australians, each chipping in what they can to build this movement. We’re building something new in Australian politics: a true conservative party, rooted in principle and fighting to restore civil society.

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3 thoughts on “Show Your Support & Ban The Burqa

  1. Australian Conservatives:
    1. they support the ABC Network ….. there is n reason why commercial media networks cannot reach as far as rural & remote areas.
    2. AC on Foreign Affairs & Trade …. it\’s too late – the horses have definitely bolted.
    3. AC on Energy – this policy needs to be thought our much more carefully – I personally do not want to see nuclear power plants in operation in Australia …. Mutti Merkel has had Germany has shut down because they leek … the Germany population is dying out – they are below replacement fertility.

    Yes indeed … Ban The Burqa !!
    But also stop multiple marriage …. bigamy / polygamy.
    No mention of amending compulsory vaccination though.

    Australian Conservatives only big on easy policy changes ??
    There is not enough substance in the AC part\’s \”what we stand for\” agenda.

  2. If an Australian woman went over to Burqa country and wore a bikini they would stone her to death.
    Why do we tolerate these people and their primitive culture?
    Let them do their ‘thing’ at home, go away and leave us alone. We do not tolerate your God nor your dogma’s but, it seems, our spineless Political folk do!

    1. Saudi Arabia is so strictly religious … man oh man.
      There are horrid stories about the elite of Saudi Arabia sunbathing nude on mixed sex French nude beaches ???????

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