‘hunter’ cyberweapon will use AI to search for security holes in computer networks


US Air Force reveals its latest recruit: ‘hunter’ cyberweapon will use AI to search for security holes in computer networks

  • Cyberspace weapon system has just achieved ‘Full Operational Capability’
  • Tool can be used to perform vulnerability assessments and detect threats
  • This will help keep computers, infrastructure, and all cyberspace secure


The US Air Force has unveiled its latest recruit – and it’s a piece of software. Read More

FBI Orders Teachers To Report Students Who Question Government


New federal guidelines have just been introduced across the country, and what they mandate is quite disturbing to civil libertarians. The FBI has now instructed high schools across the nation to report students who in any way criticize government policies and what the report phrases as “western corruption.”

The FBI is interested in determining – as part of some warped “pre-crime” program – who might become potential future terrorists.… Read More

Navy Caught Conducting Secret Electromagnetic Warfare Testing In Public In Washington State


By Claire Bernish

Exposure to electromagnetic frequency radiation has been shown by medical studies and the Navy to cause numerous health problems, including corneal damage, tubular degeneration of testicles, brain heating, sterility, altered penile function, death, cranial nerve disorders, seizures, convulsions, depression, insomnia, chest pain, and sparking between dental fillings.Read More