December 1, 2023

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“LEFTARDS” Furious Because An Australian TV Show Has White People In It.

By Adam

One of the more wholesome new shows on Australian Television is, the farmer wants a wife which hit the screens on Sunday night.

The basic structure of the program is that a number of farmers are presented with women from the city, from whom they choose one to be their spouse.

Australian TV has been sledgehammered over the years with so much filth, depravity and oversexed dickheads that we have really hit rock bottom in regards to TV content.

Despite four years passing since Farmer was last on our screens, the family-friendly format of FWAW remains the same – and it’s clearly struck a chord with viewers with many applauding the feel-good, wholesome factor of the show, claiming it’s the perfect form of escapism to distract us from the anxieties of 2020.

You would think that such a wholesome TV show that seems to be about finding love, marriage and family would be a big hit with everyone but not in this case and certainly not in 2020 Australia,

Australia has a cancer, a deep rooted manifestation of stupidity, ignorance and it’s a side of our culture that seems to be gaining much traction. “LEFTARDS”

The “LEFTARDS” seem to be merging into a giant force that’s directly threatening our freedoms and way of life and unless we as Australians start cutting them back it will only get worse.

The Australian Green party, LGBTQ, cancel Culture, BLM protesters, open Borders, Climate Change zealots, dob in culture and the list of this idiot brigade goes on and on and on.


One thing that all these miserable groups have in common is that they absolutely detest white people, in fact, they want to see the end of all white people and the white, western family unit.

Many of these cancel culture halfwits are white themselves which would lead me to believe that they are either being funded or are just mentally ill, but i guess both of those option apply here.

The “LEFTARDS” have now taken aim at the Australian TV show, The Farmer Want’s A Wife which has just aired, but for what reason, i hear you ask?

Well, it’s because the farmers who are looking for love on the land and the female contestants appearing on the show are all white people, WHAAAAAAAATTTTTTTT???????

Are you kidding me??? white people on TV in Australia? sound the alarms and run for the hills because it’s the end of the world.

The “LEFTARDS” are furious and it’s not because of all the filth on TV or the massive amounts of horrific and violent pornography that children are accessing online.

It’s because a wholesome, family orientated TV show about love among white people is allowed to be shown on Australian Television.

It seems the show has upset many “LEFTARDS” who say they’ve been left blinded by the show’s overwhelmingly white cast, and left disappointed by the lack of any diverse sexualities on show.


I am sure that if the show contained the usual dopey morons, perverts and sex on the brain dead heads then it would be all perfectly fine for the “LEFTARDS”

As we can see from twitter which is a “LEFTARD” paradise, they are not very happy about this racist TV show that contains evil white people and no filth.

The show prides itself on its wholesome reputation – spawning nine marriages and 20 kids – and even sold itself off the ‘real love is back’ tagline in a not-so-subtle dig at other Aussie reality shows.

The “LEFTARDS” are on the rise and they want to brainwash, sexually confuse and destroy our children’s values  and smash the family unit so it’s high time we start pushing these useless eaters back under their rocks.

There simply should not be a a place in modern Australia where these degenerates have any say at all so we need to work collectively to help stamp this cancerous out.




3 thoughts on ““LEFTARDS” Furious Because An Australian TV Show Has White People In It.

  1. Leftards = Communism = Sponsored by Corporate Communism = Mankinds bottom of the sludge pit idealism!

  2. They’ll be the first to whinge when they have to line up at the supermarket and the shelves are bare! Wont be their ideal paradise then!

    1. Following the Communist rule the Leftards will be the first against the wall for a complimentary bullet for services rendered, The Commo’s figure that if a person sold their own country out then they are highly untrustworthy. Not a good resume to have.
      Enjoy your complementary bullet ass’oles!

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