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No Jab, No Pay/Play Is A Disgrace And An Embarrassment To ALL Australians.

Anti-vaccination parents create own ‘Natural Immunity Community’ setting up childcare rosters to keep unimmunized kids at home

Allona Lahn

I have chatted to a few friends that have vaccinated their children, they saw me on channel 7 news discussing our vaccine free groups, they clicked on the link and read the comments …about ME … they were shocked and horrified that people, fellow Australians could write comments like that.

I was name called, insulted, labeled and judged by people that don’t know me or my story and for my friends one, in particular, she said she felt sick, she was so disgusted by the comments.

Again all this does if verify what I am actually saying…. the Government has endorsed and enforced an unnecessary environment of bullying, discrimination and hate because of the No Jab, No Pay/Play Policies and it is a disgrace and an embarrassment to ALL Australians.

The comments for me were like water off a duck’s back… this has been my journey for 3 years now. I actually feel sorry for the ignorant, judgemental people that actually write such bullying comments, they must have personal issues, or maybe don’t have a life and need to get one, or maybe need a better education. #readavaccineinsert

In this case, the online bullying further cemented my friendships and made others that didn’t know me want to defend and protect me, creating more online support, networks and friendships. Thank you to all those that supported me and care, blessings to you.

I think it’s time everyone reassessed how they handle those with differing opinions and views and start treating people with respect, compassion and without judgement… I am so disgusted by some of my fellow Australians behavior, it is a true reflection of themselves.

Stand tall, proud and be true to yourself. Everything you do and say is a reflection of yourself, so make sure you make everything count. Be kind and true.

6 thoughts on “No Jab, No Pay/Play Is A Disgrace And An Embarrassment To ALL Australians.

  1. I’m with you Allona, and I admire your courage and dedication. Congratulations on getting Channel 7 to actually screen your program, that is a major breakthrough. I have to conclude they’re not getting paid by pharmaceutical companies for drug advertising. Or maybe they see the writing on the wall and want to be the first to jump ship and be seen as supporting justice and truth.

    1. Agree and i’m also behind Allona as her work will give concerned parents a way to decide for their children.

  2. It’s always left me wondering why blind freddy can’t see the hyporicy in their argument. If vaccinations are such a good defence, what is everybody worried about?

  3. Allona Lahn:
    The negative comments – by people who don\’t know you – you mean by Rent A Crowd.
    That the establishment watchdogs paid over money to hecklers to have you downplayed & condemned is a feather in your cap dear.

    1. The endorsed, environment of bullying, discrimination & hate is not built up within the ranks of Australian citizens, but bought & paid for – rent a crowd actors & most likely with tax deductible money & certainly with monies from the Public Purse.
      To get you to believe that it is we the people Australia’s & not their ghoules who are harassing you – is to cause division among us – the common man.
      It is a mistake to fall for their contrived rubbish.

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