December 6, 2023

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The treacherous Covid-19 response – calling on the 1922 Committee for justice

The UK / Boris Johnson Government has been a major player in the grossly disproportionate and ill-targeted global Covid-19 response.

The Covid-19 response has been a disaster, with enormous amounts of money and resources squandered on highly questionable PCR tests, ‘leaky vaccines’, masks, electronic surveillance etc; along with the massive economic and social costs of lockdowns and restrictions.

It’s now time to investigate how this happened and seek accountability.
In this regard, please see below my email to Graham Brady, Chairman of the 1922 Committee, UK Conservative Party.

For the attention of:

Graham Brady
Chairman of the 1922 Committee UK Conservative Party

Dear Graham Brady, re the ongoing Covid debacle…

In the Telegraph today, John Bell, regius professor of medicine at Oxford University says: “This is not the same disease we were seeing a year ago. The horrific scenes that we saw a year ago – intensive care units being full, lots of people dying prematurely – that is now history in my view and I think…that’s likely to continue.”

Really? I think we need a very close look at what was happening in March/April 2020 in the UK, when there seemed to be a very strong desire to beat up the ‘cases’ and deaths attributed to Covid-19 to justify a ‘vaccine solution’ at all costs. Why were existing pandemic plans abandoned, as raised by Emma McArthur in her letters to Charles Walker and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison?

This was the time when Neil Ferguson et al, of Imperial College London, recommended suppression of ‘the virus’ (aka lockdown) “until a vaccine becomes available”, in their infamous Report 9. Ferguson et al’s report influenced lockdowns around the world, including Australia, where it was cited in the Doherty Institute modelling that put Australia into lockdowns and restrictions from March 2020. Ferguson et al admitted it was uncertain their suppression strategy would succeed long term, acknowledging that “no public health intervention with such disruptive effects on society has been previously attempted for such a long duration of time. How populations and societies will respond remains unclear”. Did the Johnson Government seek alternative modelling to evaluate the impact of the “disruptive effects on society”? It seems not…

It wasn’t disclosed in Ferguson et al’s report that Neil Ferguson was funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, an organisation which has dominated international vaccination policy for the past 20 years, including via the WHO, Gavi and CEPI etc. This is a significant conflict of interest.

It was Bill Gates who led ‘the race for a coronavirus vaccine’ last year, see his GatesNotes: What you need to know about the COVID-19 vaccine, 30 April 2020.

It was Bill Gates who had Boris Johnson at his beck and call for the Covid-19 vaccine rollout, also planning to “prevent future pandemics”, see: UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson meets Bill Gates to discuss COVID-19 vaccine, WION, 12 November 2020.

It was always about ‘the vaccine’…the now defective ‘leaky vaccines’ that don’t prevent infection nor transmission, and with dubious purported ‘protection’ that is waning at a rate of knots, resulting in potentially umpteen ‘boosters’ being pressed upon people for life. Billions of people are being pressured to have the Covid injections against a disease it was known from the beginning wasn’t a serious threat to most people…and now they’re coming for the five-year- olds… How can this be happening? Children, young people, most people, aren’t at serious risk with Covid-19, how on earth could it be approved to subject these people to these unnecessary medical interventions, over and over again, potentially damaging their own natural immune response?

The defective ‘leaky vaccines’ are also being mandated for millions of people, e.g. in Australia, where people are being coerced to have the dodgy jabs to keep their jobs, trashing informed consent. The role of Australia in this story is significant – in early 2020, the Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, called the pandemic ahead of the WHO and closed the Australian national borders, turning Australia into an island fortress. The Australian people were locked into the country, a captive market awaiting release by ‘the vaccine’, held to ransom by the Doherty modelling.

But it’s not just about ‘the vaccine’ after all…looks like it’s all part of a nefarious plot – the lucrative ‘leaky vaccines’ and perpetual ‘boosters’, never-ending testing, muzzling with masks, surveillance with QR codes, vaccine passports as the basis for digital ID, centralised banking controlling spending…leading to a social credit system to control and oppress the people.

The plan was to deliberately terrify the people with ‘the virus’, impede free movement and association via the ‘non- pharmaceutical interventions’, create anxiety and stress, cause strife and division between family and friends over differences about ‘the vaccines’, steal the people’s wealth via economy damaging lockdowns and the new ‘Covid industry’, plunge our liberal democracies into turmoil and debt, and line the pockets of the perpetrators. What treachery…

And ‘our own elected representatives’ have been a party to it, particularly the Five Eyes governments – the UK, US, Australia, Canada and New Zealand; and Germany, Austria, France, Israel etc.

All apparently complicit in the WEF’s Great Reset, which Prince Charles also supports. This is the biggest crime in history.

Time for accountability. I hope the members of the 1922 Committee will step up to the plate and ensure that justice is seen to be done.

Elizabeth Hart
Independent person investigating the gross over-use of vaccine products and conflicts of interest in vaccination policy

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