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Whooping cough outbreak strikes school with unvaccinated child, what happened next will never be reported by the CDC

In keeping with their preference for a natural, healthy lifestyle, homemaker Toby Monte and her husband decided not to vaccinate their three children. Instead, she did everything she could to give her kids a healthy start, opting for a home birth, breastfeeding them, and cooking only plant-based, natural foods.

She said: “When I was nursing my babies and watching them thrive, the last thing I wanted to do was inject them with mercury, formaldehyde, aluminum, monkey kidney, human fetal DNA, and other terrifying substances. The vaccine package warnings, which included anaphylaxis shock and death, did not entice me either.”

Building immunity through clean eating

She decided to build their immunity instead, focusing on feeding them beans, organic vegetables, fruits, whole grains, fermented foods, fish, seeds and nuts. Meanwhile, red meat, processed foods, sugar and dairy were simply not part of their diet. Her efforts seemed to pay off; she says that her children rarely got sick, and when they did, shewould turn to homeopathy for treatment.

The true test of their lifestyle came in 1996, when a boy in her son’s fourth grade class came down with whooping cough (also known as pertussis), despite him being fully vaccinated. She admits that several worries took hold during this time, chief among them whether or not her son would come down with the illness. This was compounded by the concern that authorities would force her to vaccinate her kids or even take them away; we’ve all heard those horror stories, too.

Whooping cough eventually became a full-fledged epidemic in their town, with officials considering closing schools down altogether until it passed, as immunized children left and right came down with the disease. Parents couldn’t understand why their vaccinated kids were getting sick anyway.

What happened to Toby’s kids? The answer might surprise you: nothing. They never came down with whooping cough like their vaccinated peers, and they escaped the epidemic unscathed.

Monte attributes this to her kids’ diet. After all, she reports that they did not suffer many of the problems other children did, including ear infections or the flu. She believes that the strong immune systems that can be built by eating unprocessed, whole foods are directly responsible for protecting her children against disease, and her experience seems to back that theory up.

Whooping cough vaccine is ineffective – so why is it still administered?

A 2014 British Medical Journal study called into question the effectiveness of the whooping cough vaccine. The researchers found that whooping cough was roughly as prevalent among vaccinated children as it was among those who were unvaccinated. Children who get the vaccine will need booster shots throughout their lifetime if they want to keep that protection.

It’s easy to see why Monte and other parents would rather skip the vaccine. According to the Vaccine Injury Table published by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, some of the side effects associated with pertussis vaccines include anaphylaxis and severe brain inflammation known as encephalopathy.

Sometimes it’s worth taking a risk in the name of prevention, but if vaccinated kids are coming down with whooping cough anyway, it’s hard to justify getting the shot and its subsequent boosters, particularly when immunity can be boosted through sensible dietary choices.

3 thoughts on “Whooping cough outbreak strikes school with unvaccinated child, what happened next will never be reported by the CDC

  1. Whooping Cough Epidemic – Strikes – Lee Street Primary School Nth Carlton Victoria Australia in 1980.
    My two daughters wee immmunised against Whooping Cough …. and yet they wee struck down.
    I had my children immunised & was confudent that they were safe from these deadly diseases.
    Shonky administration on the part of The Establishment I bet.
    Of the aproximately 300-350 students who attended the school, less than 15 children were affected.
    You must remember that in those days most children were not immunised AT ALL … due to a lack of truse of the government bodies, the pharmaceutical industry & the medical profession who were considered to be money hungry ghouls, at best.
    I know this because my mother & other women of her era told us children all about these fiends.

  2. It could very well have been that, because my two daughters were immunised against whooping cough, that they were the carriers that infected the other children.
    It is entirely possible.

  3. Dtap vaccines : for whooping cough. At full vaccination, the vaccine is “”effective” in 8 out of 10, by 5 years this has fallen to 3 out of 10, by 10 years has failed IN EVERYONE. By effective, this means the person vaccinated still catches and spreads pertussis, many times, over and over, but the vaccine “”ëffectively””” stops them showing symptoms. Every baby infection, has been caused by a vaccinated person, with or without even showing the symptms of whooping cough. The fraud, has to stop.

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