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Friends — I recently watched a film on Netflix entitled “Frozen Angels” — about surrogacy, IVF, and the enormous business of reproductive technology in southern California. To me, the film was very disturbing, but I recommend people see it anyway. If you are not yet a netflix subscriber, you can watch the documentary for free as Netflix is offering the first month of a subscription at no cost.

Two very disturbing aspects of the film are:

(1) “Masturbatoriums.” Masturbatoriums are tiny rooms within the California Cryobank that house various forms of pornography, including magazines and films (and who knows what else — maybe big, plastic, blow-up dolls with holes in them, or one of those “automatic sperm collectors” seen in the photo below).

It is into the cold and sterile masturbatoriums pictured below that men go to jack off into a plastic cup so that the underworld gods of technological reproduction can collect and store their sperm. According to the guy in the white coat (who probably has a black robe hanging in a closet nearby), these sordid rooms are known as “erotic rooms.” However the antiseptic-like quality of these cells, combined with the scientifically demonic environment they are located in, would lead me to think of them as anything but erotic — except, perhaps, to those who enjoy necrophilia or other expressions of satanic-based sexuality. Judge for yourself.

Now, according to the film, “sperm donors” (otherwise known as dissociated men who like to ejaculate into plastic cups while having sex with magazines) get paid $75 a pop for each time they jack off and deliver a bucket full of sperm. If we consider the fact that each one of those sperm has the potential to be turned into an IVF or surrogate baby, and that each one of these “embryos” comes at a price of approximately $12,000, you begin to realize — hey — this is quite a racket they have going on there!!! A mark-up of $11,925 PER SPERM and you figure somebody has masterminded this brilliant get-rich-quick scheme and wow — what an incredible way to make money! Right?

Now let’s consider a very strange scene in the documentary during which one of the main promoters of these technologies — a loud-mouthed, obnoxious, radio talk show host in southern California who appears to have little human value — was actually celebrating the fact that he was a Jew. During this bizarre scene, the loud-mouth and his “family” (made up of a wife and two surrogate children) were proudly demonstrating (albeit in a very mocking and disrespectful way) their commitment to the practice of Judaism.

Naturally, I could not help but wonder what on Earth this scene had to do with the rest of the documentary — until I asked myself the right question. Were the makers of this film trying to tell us something? Is there a connection between Judaism and the disturbing world of reproductive technology?

Sure enough, a quick google search affirms that, indeed, there is. And the same google search is filled with articles like “IVF Babies: A Gift of Israel and Hadassah to Its People” and “Two Jews caught stealing eggs in Romania” that confirm this sordid connection.

The first article proudly boasts that:

“Unlike countries where couples spend their entire life savings trying to conceive a child with the help of expensive medical intervention such as in vitro fertilization (IVF), Israel provides free IVF until a woman has two babies or reaches age 45. Israel has the highest per capita use of IVF in the world. According to Prof. Arye Hurwitz, head of the Hadassah Medical Center’s IVF Unit, Hadassah provides over 5,000 IVF procedures each year to patients from Israel, the Palestinian Authority, and abroad…”

The second article states:

Fertility specialist Dr. Raphael Ron-El and technician Daphna Komarovsky were released to house arrest at their hotel in Bucharest on Wednesday following their arrest the previous day. Ron-El is director of the in vitro fertilization unit at Assaf Harofeh Hospital in central Israel.

The two Jews are suspected of recruiting young students in the province in need of cash and offering them $180-$240 for harvesting their eggs, which they allegedly then sold for $4,000-$5,300 to couples seeking in vitro fertilization.

Ron-El and Komarovsky are suspected of trafficking human cells and belonging to an organized criminal group, and may not leave Romania. According to the statement, they conducted their activities along with nine others from Med New Life, a private clinic in Bucharest.

In 2009, Romanian authorities arrested some 30 Jews and locals in a raid on the clinic Sabyc. Four Jews were released and fled to Israel, but they were tried and sentenced in absentia to five years in prison for illegal trade in human eggs.

Israeli Jews have been caught in the lucrative illegal trade of human organ harvesting in Kosova, India, Haiti, Chad, Belarus, Nicaragua, Peru, Nicaragua, Philippines, Turkey, Ukraine, China, Palestine and other countries.

Then I remembered a third article that I had recently read regarding Jews dominating the porn industry. And I began to think — gee, these “masturbatoriums” — replete with Jewish-owned Penthouse magazines — sure seem like an excellent way for a few good-intentioned Jews to make a few extra shekels. Nothing wrong with that. Right? Surely we shouldn’t be picking on the Israelis or the Jews just because they want to earn a few extra dollars. Right?

But then I began to ask myself some very important questions like… What impact do these technologies have on human life? What happens, for example, to those sperm who later become frozen embryos and later become children? Do they suffer? I mean, what is it like to be “conceived” in a laboratory filled with mad scientists frantically attempting to prove themselves as powerful as God? And what does it do to the psyche of a child when it is conceived through the merging of a sperm taken from a man who had only pornographic thoughts at the moment of release — and merging that sperm with an egg taken from a woman who willfully chose to “donate” her genetics and her body in exchange for about $15,000? Surely, it must be detrimental to the child to be “conceived” in an environment devoid of human love, yes? And what of the fact that most of these children are gestated in wombs where their “mother” has no interest to bond with them. Wouldn’t that further compound their trauma by reinforcing an already loveless beginning?

Let’s listen to the words of a surrogate mom in the film as she describes her ability to dissociate herself from her pregnancy.

“As heartless as this might sound, I don’t feel attached to this baby. I know it’s not mine. I know where it’s going. And I know who its parents are gonna be. So it doesn’t bother me. I don’t feel attached. And even to the last one that I had… I don’t feel any attachment to that baby either. If that sounds heartless, I don’t know. I guess it’s just the frame of mind that you put yourself in when you’re pregnant or even when you’re starting the process. You know from day 1 that this baby is not yours and that it’s someone else’s. So you kind of just detach yourself…”

Hmmm — to me, that type of emotional distancing definitely seems to be cause for concern.

And making matters worse is the fact that these same love-deprived children will also have to go through the brutality of hospital birth — i.e., a process that will likely include induction, pitocin, the theft of their placenta and cord blood (also held captive at the Cryobank), poison eye ointments, swaddling, vaccination, and much more.

Here is a picture of a newborn surrogate baby for whom my heart bleeds.

And here is a picture of the baby’s dissociated surrogate mom after the birth, with her depressed husband who is, no doubt, trying to make sense of why his wife is caught up in this mess

Now, after all of the hospital abuse that this baby is put through, and after nine months of loveless loneliness in the womb of a dissociated mom, this poor child is then handed over to complete strangers with whom she has no previous connection and with whom she shares no common history or genetics.

These are the lucky new parents

This is the new “mom” in her technocratic place of employment

So what do YOU think? Do you think the child will be thankful for her new life? After all, at least her “parents” really wanted her and had enough money to purchase the type of child they want.

But then there are articles like this one indicating that IVF children really do suffer, especially as they come of age and consider creating families of their own.

“The facts of my conception are that my father was paid to abandon me. There is no dignity in that. I suffered from debilitating identity issues, mistrust of the opposite sex, hatred and condemnation of the opposite sex, feelings of objectification – like I only exist as a play – toy for others, and feeling like a science experiment.

If people can take away something so precious as a mother or father and make us feel like we should be grateful for the loss, what else can people take away from us? How do you expect the next generation to fight for things like freedom, democracy, clean air, clean water, when something as precious and basic as your mother or father is stolen from you? Removed by the state… Removed by a fertility industry that forces you into existence and then doesn’t return your calls when you grow up and start banging on their doors asking for records… Removed by a commissioning parent, often your other biological parent who vowed to protect and provide for you, but only on the contingency that you show gratitude for your life and don’t ask questions about the other missing parent……”

And yet, these children are the “lucky ones” — i.e., the ones who actually get an embodiment after a cold and loveless reproductive beginning. But what happens to the embryos who never get to become children? Do they suffer too? What happens to a baby, for example, that is held in a state of suspended animation indefinitely, like some freak chimeras created by satanic forces who get off on imprisoning souls? Surely, if these disembodied spirits never have a chance to incarnate and are, instead, trapped in these satanic-infested scientific institutions where even those who should have access to them do not (like the wife of a dead man whose sperm are being held captive but who has not been given “permission” to access them) — Surely these disembodied, imprisoned souls will suffer! Right?

Which brings me to a second very disturbing aspect of these “baby farms.”

(2) “Postmortem sperm recovery” — Say what??? You read that right folks. The dark ones are involved in collecting sperm from dead men (talk about satanic!) and also from men who have been declared “brain dead” – which we know from Dr. Paul Byrne’s work is a fictitious diagnosis created specifically so the dark ones can steal organs from people who are very much alive — and apparently they are stealing sperm too!!!

I went searching the internet to find out more about this sickening practice and was not wholly surprised to learn that Israelis are on the cutting edge of this postmortem sperm retrieval. It appears that when they are not busy blowing off the arms and legs of children in Gaza — children who, by the way, cannot escape because the Israelis have built walls around Gaza and created an open-air prison to entrap and murder the Palestinians… when they are not busy blowing people up, their scientists are busy digging into the bodies of dead or defenseless men and babies and stealing their eggs and their sperm!

Let us ponder for just a few minutes the ethics and morality of these “people” that have no qualms about blowing up trapped innocent children and families, and no problem whatsoever in stealing eggs from aborted female babies and turning those eggs into IVF children! I mean, is it possible that they do not realize that this goes against every aspect of natural law? It is possible that they do not care that a child who has been sacrificed and murdered by her own mother will carry memories of the murder in her eggs!

Scientists are finally catching up with what prenatal and perinatal psychologists have been saying for decades — i.e., that intergenerational memories are carried through the sperm and the egg and these memories get passed on to future generations.

What then will become of the future children who were once an egg in the body of an unborn child that was murdered by medical technicians at the request of its own mother? And what will become of the future child conceived through sperm that was stolen from a dead or unconscious man??? Surely, there will be “unexplained” psychological patterns that develop in the lives of these children. And every single aspect of their spiritual, psychic, emotional, and mental pain will have been caused by the satanic underworld of reproductive technology — and the parents who are unconscious enough to get involved with it.

In truth, just about every person involved in the film — from the surrogate moms who were carrying the babies to the parents who bought them — seemed emotionally not quite right to me. Disassociation in the two surrogate moms was vividly apparent and a distinct lack of humanity seemed to ooze out of those involved in the industry of selling unborn children for profit. This is human trafficking at its finest, and God help us all for allowing it to happen in our own backyards.

“…[L]ast year Americans bought $45 million worth of frozen sperm via the internet… The California Cryobank is the largest sperm bank in the world. We distribute 2,500 ampules of sperm to every state in the United States and 24 countries outside the United States and we are the sixth largest user of Federal Express in southern California. We are now probably providing 90% of white sperm…”

“It’s become an American trade product that’s sent abroad. Just as we’re sending blockbuster movies from Hollywood, we’re also sending sperm from blonde, blue-eyed American men… And so there’s a new imperialism where American sperm is going around the globe, including to third world nations, to try to create light-skinned blonde kids…

I’m involved with recovering sperm from men who have died… postmortem sperm recovery. And I do it because there’s so much pay…”

“…Now that I am in the process of donating to another couple and they live so close to me, it is a very different feeling for me. It’s so much more real to me. I felt very disassociated from the first couple because I just thought there was no way I would ever see the child or meet the child. Even though in my mind I said I would like to, I think if I actually did, I think it’d be very emotional. I can’t imagine. Like I said I go through these scenes in my mind — I even envision meeting the child. I think it would be easier for me to meet the child if the child was an adult. If I saw a child that was a little baby or a little toddler, I think…..”

Dissociated blonde haired, blue eyed surrogate mom who gets top dollar for her genetics and the use of her eggs and womb

Important Jewish ethics regarding postmortem sperm retrieval – by Rabbi Mordechai Halperin

“We learn in the Torah that we are required to pay for damages we cause to others.2 As long as the one who incurred the damage does not forgive the one who caused it, the latter is obligated to pay for the damages, even if he is not being sued. However, nowhere in the Torah does it explicitly say that causing damage to your fellow man is forbidden. It is written that if one causes damage he must pay for it, but it does not say that causing damage in the first place is forbidden….”

“Post-mortem sperm retrieval seems to fall under the prohibition of hana’a min ha-met, deriving benefit from a corpse… However, procreation is a mitsva (“be fruitful and multiply”)7 and therefore the prohibition of hana’a min ha-met should not apply…”

“An often-heard ethical argument against post-mortem sperm retrieval is that a new heir is being created against the will of the other heirs. If the inheritance is one million dollars and there are four heirs, each will get two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. If you then create a fifth heir, each will get only two hundred thousand dollars. Is this fair?…”

Jeanice Barcelo is a transformational teacher, a birth activist and whistleblower, and someone who is concerned with all things that limit or undermine human love. Jeanice is an outspoken leader in the movement to expose the violence of hospital birth and to get birth out of the hospitals and back into the home. Through her radio and television shows, and in her forthcoming book series, she speaks out about the horrors of technologically-managed pregnancy and childbirth, as well as the evils of mind-control, satanism, pedophilia, child abuse, pornography, abortion, vaccines, and more. Jeanice has spent the last 15 years uncovering the long-term and inter-generational impact of primal trauma on the human body/mind/spirit system. She views the ever-escalating amounts of violence being inflicted on babies and pregnant mothers as systematic, methodical, purposeful evil. Jeanice has lectured extensively on this topic and has created an important curriculum designed to help end the lineage of abuse, violence, and trauma and restore humanity’s capacity to love. To learn more about Jeanice and her work, please visit her website at

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